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Hosting a party at your Tarpon Springs, Florida, home can be stressful, but with the right prep, you can enjoy your get-together this holiday season. Follow these helpful tips to keep your house comfortable for the guests at your next party.

Start With Cleaning

You want to make the best impression when inviting family and friends to your home, so a deep cleaning is usually on the to-do list. Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop hard floors, dust all surfaces, and polish your countertops and sinks to help them shine.

If you have time, you may want to go even deeper by cleaning the baseboards and walls, organizing closets and open spaces, and getting rid of clutter around the house. Cleaning is especially crucial if anyone coming to your party suffers from allergies, since the presence of dust mites, pet hair, dander, and other allergens could cause a flare-up. As part of the cleaning process, you may want to think about hiring a professional for duct cleaning services. When your home’s ducts are clogged with dirt, debris, and other allergens, your guests could suffer the effects.

Determine the Flow

Before you have a crowd of people in your space, you’ll want to make sure there is a good flow from the front door to where you want them to hang out. Since the party is happening during the winter months, people may have coats on that they’d like to remove upon arrival. Start by figuring out where they should put their coats, whether you have a closet for hanging or a bed for guests to stack their coats, you may want to have someone available to take coats when guests arrive.

From there, you’ll need to make sure to have a clear path from the entry to the kitchen, living space, or any other area where you plan to set up the food and drinks. If you need to move furniture to set up a more identifiable path, do so before people arrive. It’s also important to have seating available for your guests. Put chairs, couches, or benches around the perimeter of the main party space so people can talk to one another without clogging up the walkways.

Check the Indoor Air Quality

When people arrive at your home for a get-together, the last thing you want to worry about is someone suffering from an allergic reaction or breathing problem. The quality of the indoor air in your home can be a factor in these health issues, so make sure you check the IAQ well in advance of the party. This gives you the opportunity to resolve any outstanding issues with the quality of the air, which will continue to benefit you after the party is over.

For example, if you have pets, their hair and dander may be causing the indoor air quality to drop. Deep cleaning the home and keeping pets in a separate space during the party can help. You can also set up an air purifier to remove contaminants and particles from the air. Don’t forget to change your HVAC filter to reduce the number of particles that can enter into the system and cause the indoor air quality to drop.

Set a Comfortable Temperature

When you have more people in your home, the heat from their bodies causes the indoor temperature to rise. Although your shindig will take place during the winter months, it’s still Florida, so you don’t want the atmosphere to feel overly warm or uncomfortable. The ideal temperature for your home will depend on the size of the house, as well as how many people will be there. A safe bet is to start around 68 degrees and bump it up or down as needed.

With a smart thermostat, you can make adjustments to the HVAC system from your phone or tablet, making it easier to raise or lower the temperature without having to bump into guests to get to the wall-mounted unit. Some smart thermostats can also make automatic adjustments based on the surroundings.

At Advanced Cooling Systems, we offer a variety of indoor air quality and HVAC solutions that can keep your home’s air healthy year-round, so contact us at (727) 213-5888 for more information.

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