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It’s important to know when your AC system is begging for some TLC. There are some necessary things that you should look out for that signal trouble. Most things, if caught early, can be fixed with relative ease. The weather in Clearwater, Florida, is normally hot and humid, and a working AC unit is essential to living comfortably through the hottest months.

Some of the signs that your AC needs help may just mean repair, while others suggest you may want to look at replacing the whole system because it’s not worth it to make repairs.

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

Everyone knows that an AC system should blow cold air. The Florida climate is tropical through the hottest months of the year. When your AC system has trouble keeping your family comfortable and cool during sauna-like weather, you should call a professional for a repair.

Very Little Air Coming From Vents

Your AC should have a fairly forceful amount of air coming out of it. It should be enough so that your entire room becomes cool and comfortable relatively quickly. If your AC system is blowing cold, but not forceful enough to circulate the room and keep everyone cool, that can indicate possible problems with your ducts. It can also indicate your system is starting to fail. Definitely call a professional to come out and see if it’s just a cleaning issue or something more serious.

Your Thermostat Isn’t Working

The thermostat is the command center for your AC. If the commander goes down, the entire system won’t work! Since the thermostat is continuously taking measurements and telling the system how much cool air to generate, one that’s faulty may turn on and run for a short period, then kick off before the room is cool. It also may not turn on at all. Don’t try and tinker with this by yourself. Get in touch with an HVAC professional to come and check your thermostat.

The AC Unit Is Making Loud Noises

Squealing, scraping, and grinding are noises that you never want to hear coming from your AC unit. Those sounds indicate a much bigger problem, which if not remedied quickly can cause a significant expense with parts and repairs. Problems can range from blower issues to motor issues. There could be a delay switch problem, as well. Don’t try to diagnose it yourself; call in the professionals as soon as possible.

The Air Conditioner Smells

No one likes a stinky AC unit. If your unit is giving off an unusual smell, something has gone wrong. Different smells mean different things. Notice an “electrical” smell? That usually means the motor is failing. A musty smell means there’s too much moisture somewhere in the unit — possibly a clogged drain line. Again, don’t try to remedy this yourself. Get help from a professional.

The Air Conditioner Unit May Need Replacing

If your AC unit is 13 – 15 years old, it may be time to replace it. Twelve to fifteen years is at the high end of how long a typical AC system lasts. This is where your professional comes in handy. A needs assessment and Manuarl J load calculation can help correctly determine which system will save you money and efficiently cool your home.

Call Advanced Cooling Systems

You know when your AC unit needs help, and your home is becoming uncomfortable. Here at Advanced Cooling Systems, we can offer you exceptional service and prices. Any calls are promptly returned. We are available for service or emergency calls . We service all makes and models of air conditioning units and will make sure we take care of your problem quickly.

When the Clearwater hot weather becomes too much, give Advanced Cooling Systems, Inc. a call at (727) 213-5888, or make an appointment online. We’ll give your air conditioning unit the attention it needs to make your home comfortable again.

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