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Most homeowners can attest to the fact that home remodels rarely go as expected. If you’re revitalizing your Tampa, Florida, home, here are a few ways to protect your HVAC in the process.

Plan Ahead

Contact your HVAC contractor before renovations begin so you can ask for more specific suggestions. Your existing technician knows your system and can help you figure out what needs to be done before remodeling begins.

Turn Off the HVAC and Close the Vents

Running your air conditioner or furnace during a home remodel only blows dust around and reduces your indoor air quality. Depending on the work being done, some dust can even settle in the system itself, redistributing throughout the home long after the construction crew moves onto the next job. Shutting down the unit and closing the vents keeps your system clean and reduces the likelihood of you needing to schedule a duct cleaning once the work is finished.

Move the Prep Work Outside

To eliminate dust altogether, insist any sanding, cutting, and other dusty work be done outside or in the garage. If you can’t avoid dust and debris indoors, place tarps around the renovation area and clean often to prevent it from being tracked throughout the house.

Change the Air Filter More Often

Since there’s more dust stirring up in the home during a renovation, be sure to change or clean your air filter more often. HVAC systems work less efficiently with dirty filters, so you may find yourself replacing the filter every three or four weeks during a remodel.

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance After the Remodel

Try to schedule your annual HVAC maintenance shortly after your home renovations. This is the perfect time for a trained technician to inspect your ductwork, blower, and coils for any signs of dust accumulation or damage. If necessary, the technician will suggest an air duct cleaning to remove any leftover debris from the remodel, ensuring your family breathes easier.

Make sure your HVAC system is taken care of both before and after a home remodel. Call Advanced Cooling Systems at 866-827-7662 to discuss your options.

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