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Working from home has its benefits, but if your Odessa, Florida, home suffers from poor indoor air quality, you could be setting yourself up for health problems. Here are just a few reasons work-at-home professionals should consider whole-home air purification.

Enhanced Air Purification

Having a portable air purifier in your home office is a good start, but it’s limited in its purification capacity. Adding a whole-home air purifier to your HVAC system, however, allows you to enjoy multiple air filtrations per day throughout the entire home. Since a whole-home unit circulates through filters more often, you can enjoy cleaner air all day long.

Multiroom Filtration

Just because you work from your home office doesn’t mean you’re confined in a single space for eight hours each day. If you’re like most work-from-home professionals, you may conduct a phone interview from living room, read documents over lunch in the kitchen, and even take a power nap in the bedroom midday.

Thanks to whole-home air purification, every room in the home is equally clean and fresh, reducing your exposure to allergens and dust particles that would otherwise circulate throughout the house. In other words, you’re not restricted to sitting at your desk next to the portable purifier.

Quieter Operation

A portable air purifier creates a lot of noise, even if you’ve purchased a unit designed to be on the quieter side. A whole-home air filtration system, by contrast, is so quiet you won’t even notice it’s running. The only time you’ll hear a normal amount of HVAC noise is when the air conditioner or heater kicks on, and that’s it! You can work in peace and quiet the rest of the day.

More Efficient HVAC System

Since a whole-home air purifier removes dust, debris, and allergens from the air, it eliminates those clogged ducts and air vents. You’ll still need to change your filters regularly, but your HVAC system will run like new and require fewer repairs over its life span.

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