We’re not comfortable until you are.

Florida is known for its warm and humid weather, which can lead some new residents to overlook the need for home heating. Despite the hot summers, Florida isn’t without its chilly months. Average lows dip into the 50s in Tampa’s winters, and the area hit record lows in the mid-30s in February 2015. If you’re considering your comfort needs in Florida, think carefully before you forego a furnace.

The Case for a Furnace

If your home has a functioning furnace, it’s wise to keep this installation in place. Your furnace won’t see as much wear and tear in Florida as it would in a northern climate, so you may coax an above-average lifespan out of the unit. Make sure you schedule annual maintenance visits to clear out dust, lubricate long-unused parts, and keep electrical connections tight between uses.

Heating Alternatives

If your current heating system is reaching the end of its lifespan, you have several options to consider as you shop for a replacement. A ductless mini-split system can offer both heating and cooling for your home. Heat pumps are also more efficient than furnaces. The capabilities of a heat pump are perfectly suited to Florida’s milder winters. Explore all your options before committing to a new heating system for your home to make sure you have the best pick for our climate.

Air Quality Considerations

Thanks to Florida’s moderate temperatures, allergens like pollen can run rampant year-round. Make sure your heating system is equipped with indoor air quality solutions so you can breathe comfortably in any season. If you’re using a furnace or heat pump, adding a duct cleaning to your schedule will make sure it’s blowing clean air. Other systems, like air cleaners, can help reduce pollen and other irritants as well.

Whether you opt for a furnace or another heating solution, such as a heat pump, it’s important to have the right system in place to keep warm in the winter. Call Advanced Cooling Systems at 866-827-7662 for help picking the right product.

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