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While every homeowner hopes for a highly efficient air conditioner that runs smoothly without a hitch, this isn’t always what you get. HVAC systems require regular attention to stand up to the demands of the hot, humid Odessa, Florida, climate. Keep an ear open for common warning signs that indicate your AC unit needs a little extra care.

Rattles and Bangs

Any thumping or rattling noise in your air conditioner is a major warning sign. This typically means that something inside your unit is coming loose. It’s always best to have the issue inspected early on before the sound and the associated problem have a chance to worsen. While your HVAC technician may be able to simply tighten a loose part, one that disconnects completely will require more extensive repairs.

Squealing Sounds

Is your blower screeching or squealing when the air conditioner runs? If you’ve ever had a bad belt in your car, this sound may be familiar. There are similar belts in your air conditioner that require regular care and replacements.

Issues with your motor bearing may also cause this type of noise. Proper lubrication is often all you need for your motor. Stay on top of annual tuneups to make sure your AC unit is well-lubricated and belts are adjusted on a regular basis.


Many homeowners find this subtle sound difficult to pinpoint. You might notice a regular wheezing anytime your fan is running, but find it difficult to track down. This noise typically comes from the filter and is a prime indicator that you’re overdue for a change. Swap your filter for a new one at least once every three months so it’s not forced to struggle to pull air through layers of dust and dirt. A clean air filter will improve efficiency as well as indoor air quality.

If you hear something strange coming from your HVAC unit, don’t hesitate to schedule a service call. Contact Advanced Cooling Systems, Inc. at (727) 213-5888 for a prompt appointment to diagnose your problem.

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