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Most HVAC systems make occasional sounds from air moving through ductwork. They can also cause clicking noises when shutting down or coming on. However, another sound could be a sign of a problem with your St. Petersburg, Florida, home’s heater or air conditioner. You should contact an HVAC professional if you hear rattling, banging, or squealing. That way, you can avoid an inconvenient breakdown and take care of the issue before it becomes costly.

Rattling within HVAC System

Rattling from your system’s indoor air handler could come from a loose screw or another small component. This usually doesn’t lead to larger problems, but it could waste energy and increase your utility bills. A loose part could also force your equipment to work harder to keep you and your family comfortable, increasing wear and shortening your HVAC system’s life. Rattling from your outdoor unit may mean that you have debris such as twigs, leaves, or grass clippings inside your compressor.

Banging from HVAC

An occasional pop or bang often comes from temperature changes in your ductwork. However, a regular banging sound from your heat pump’s outdoor unit could mean that the fan is hitting another component or ice that has formed inside the unit. This can cause severe problems, and you could have damage to your fan, your outdoor unit’s motor, or your refrigerant line. You should turn off your heat pump immediately and have it checked by a professional to prevent these issues.

Grinding or Squealing

A grinding noise often means that your HVAC system needs more oil, and a squealing noise is usually from a damaged belt. Fortunately, having either of these issues fixed is quick and inexpensive as long as you act immediately.

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