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As you’re planning ahead for 2019 and making your list of resolutions, you may want to think about adding a few that will help you reduce the energy bills at your East Lake Woodlands, Florida, home. With a few simple adjustments to your habits, you can lower your monthly costs while reducing energy waste.

Check Your Ducts

When it comes to energy waste, the ducts in your home can be a major culprit. Loose connections, gaps, and holes in the ducts will undermine the performance of the HVAC system, resulting in higher monthly heating and cooling costs. Make a resolution to have your ducts checked out by an HVAC professional this year. If they locate any potential issues, they can fix them and get your HVAC system operating more efficiently as the air can flow without escaping through the gaps.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Making a resolution to maintain your HVAC system is probably the most important heating and cooling-related decision you can make. Regular maintenance is vital to the lifespan and efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Most equipment manufacturers recommend having the air conditioner checked out every spring and the furnace checked out every fall.

Change Your Filter

The filter in your HVAC system also plays an important role in the indoor air quality in your home, as well as the efficiency of the system’s operation. When the filter is clogged with dirt, dander, pollen, pet hair, and other debris, it can’t do its job effectively, allowing contaminants to enter into the unit and settle in the ducts. As a result, the air conditioner or furnace has to work harder to move air, resulting in higher bills and wasted energy. Swap your filter as often as is recommended by the HVAC manufacturer.

At Advanced Cooling Systems, we can help you find ways to reduce energy waste and keep your HVAC system running more efficiently, so contact us at (727) 213-5888 to learn more.

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