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Ventilation is crucial to keeping your Odessa, Florida, home comfortable, and maintaining good indoor air quality. When your home is properly ventilated, the stale air will be removed and replaced with fresh, conditioned air, reducing humidity and helping to remove pollutants such as volatile organic compounds. The good news is, there are a few simple ways to easily improve the ventilation in your home.

Run the Exhaust Fans in Your Kitchen and Bathroom

An exhaust fan works by drawing humid air from the room and expelling it outside of the home. Since both the kitchen and the bathroom are places where humidity can build up, these exhaust fans will remove the humidity and make the air easier to breathe.

Open Up the Doors and Windows on Nice Days

Sometimes the best way to get some ventilation in your home is to take advantage of nicer days and open the windows to allow the natural, fresh air to come in and circulate the stale air out of your home for a couple of hours. If bugs are a problem in your area, be sure to open only screened areas.

Run Your Ceiling Fans

Running your ceiling fans on low can help keep the air circulating in the room. If the air seems a little stale, flip your fan on for a couple of hours to help draw some fresh air through the home.

Consider Installing a Home Ventilation System

If ventilation is a problem in your home, or your home seems to hold onto moisture, you may want to consider installing a ventilation system in your home. These systems draw out stale air and replace it with fresh, conditioned air to help you maintain better indoor air quality.

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