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Don’t let the summer weather in Palm Harbor, Florida, leave your family feeling hot and sweaty. If your air conditioner alone doesn’t do enough to cool your home during a typical Florida summer, give it a boost. From improving airflow to moderating humidity, discover four ways an energy-recovery ventilator can keep your family comfortable this summer.

Improves Airflow Throughout Your Home

Does summer weather tend to leave your home feeling stale? An energy-recovery ventilator can help by improving airflow and keeping the air fresh throughout your home. This device work around the clock to flush out stale air and exchange it with clean air. Since it links to your HVAC system, an energy-recovery ventilator automatically refreshes the air in every room that’s connected to your cooling system.

Advances Indoor Air Quality

As it improves airflow, an energy-recovery ventilator can also increase indoor air quality throughout your home. After all, stale air doesn’t just smell bad. It can actually be unhealthy for your family. As an energy-recovery ventilator flushes out volatile organic compounds (VOCs), cooking odors, and other airborne contaminants trapped in your home, your family will feel much more comfortable.

Moderates Humidity Levels

At Advanced Cooling Systems, we know that an energy-recovery ventilator does much more than clear the air. A high-tech device like the Trane FreshEffects energy-recovery ventilator also keeps your home’s humidity level in check. This device captures energy from the outgoing air, using it to pre-condition the incoming air and remove excess humidity.

Increases HVAC Efficiency

This device has the added benefit of helping your cooling system run more smoothly and increasing efficiency. In the short term, that can mean less energy consumption and lower utility bills, and in the long term, that can mean a longer system lifespan with fewer breakdowns. Either way, you can look forward to improved HVAC performance and a more comfortable home all summer long.

Ready to take your home’s indoor air quality to the next level? Call the ventilation experts at Advanced Cooling Systems today: (727) 213-5888.

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