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Keeping the thermostat set to an efficient temperature can be difficult for someone who prefers a cooler home. Whether you live in Pasco, Hillsborough, or Pinellas counties, Florida, here are a few ways to stay cool without blasting the air conditioner.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

You may think its counterintuitive to run your ceiling fans and your air conditioner when you’re trying to save energy, but you’d be surprised. Switching your ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise actually helps your air conditioner run more efficiently, because you don’t have to set the thermostat so low. When you run your ceiling fan on a high speed during the summer, the fan creates a wind chill effect that makes your skin feel cooler. Just be sure to switch off the fan when you leave the room, since it won’t provide any noticeable cooling power when you’re not there.

Take Advantage of Doors and Windows

Covering your windows during the day is essential if you’re trying to keep the heat out. Closing off unused rooms can also prevent cool air from leaving the spaces you live in most.

On the flip side, you want to maximize the cooler night air to encourage airflow throughout the home. Open doors and windows after the sun sets on a cool night, especially if there’s a nice breeze.

Turn on Exhaust Fans

Since moisture plays such a huge role in how we perceive temperature, make sure you draw moisture out after cooking or taking a steamy shower. Using exhaust fans not only helps control humidity, but it can also eliminate odors that would otherwise permeate the space, which can make your home feel uncomfortable.

Cook Outside

Every time you use your oven or stove during the summer, your air conditioner has to work harder to cool down your home. Avoid this altogether by grilling outdoors, preparing cold foods, or ordering takeout.

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