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Did you know that temperature plays a role in work productivity? It’s true. How you set your office thermostat can affect worker productivity, which is why you shouldn’t take it lightly. Check out our quick guide for optimizing your office temperature setting.

How Temperature Affects Productivity

Research has proven that as temperature increases, productivity declines. It’s why we all want to be lazy and hang out around the pool all summer. On the flip side, an environment that’s too cold also affects productivity for another reason: who wants to work when you’re sitting around shivering all day.

The key to boosting office productivity is to find an ideal temperature setting that’s not too hot and not too cold. Most experts suggest this Goldilocks zone is 71.5 degrees Fahrenheit, but even that figure is up for debate.

Factors Impacting Temperature Perception

The average male will probably feel fine working in a 71.5-degree office, but according to a recent study, women’s bodies perceive temperature differently, especially during the summer months when the air conditioner is running. Women have lower metabolic rates and more body fat than men, so they’re likely to feel colder in the same room as their male co-workers. If your office has a lot of female employees, you should adjust the temperature accordingly, raising it slightly until everyone can agree on a comfortable setting.

Age and weight are other factors affecting how we perceive temperature. As we age, we’re more easily affected by the cold, which is why older employees tend to favor a warmer office environment. The higher your body mass index, the quicker you’ll feel overheated. As a result, employees with smaller frames and lower-than-average BMIs tend to freeze in an air-conditioned room.

Having trouble creating the perfect office environment that meets all your employees’ needs? Call Advanced Cooling Systems at (727) 213-5888 to learn more about our HVAC and indoor air quality services. Even controlling your office’s humidity levels can boost productivity and make everyone feel more comfortable. 

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