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You can keep the water in your St. Petersburg, Florida, home’s pool warm and comfortable throughout the cooler months of the year with a pool heat pump. It can let you and your family enjoy your pool in any season and increase the value of your home. Heat pumps are more efficient than gas or electric pool heaters, so you can save money on your utility bills. They work like home heat pumps to transfer heat from the outside air to the water in your pool. When you choose a heat pump for your pool, think about its size, energy efficiency, and costs.


You can save energy and make swimming more comfortable with a pool heat pump that’s the right size. If it’s too big, it will cost more to install and will waste energy. If it’s too small, it could have trouble keeping your pool warm in cooler weather. If your pool is large or exposed to a lot of wind, you should choose a larger heat pump. A professional can examine your pool and help you select the best size for your heat pump.

Energy Efficiency

Since heat pumps transfer heat instead of producing it, they’re much more efficient than other types of pool heaters. They use less energy, so they don’t create as much pollution as other pool heaters. They also don’t need much power in Florida’s warm weather. You can attach a solar panel to reduce your requirements even more. Since heat pumps don’t have to work as hard as many other pool heaters, you can avoid wear that could lead to expensive breakdowns.


Pool heat pumps are more expensive than gas or electric pool heaters, but your investment will pay off quickly. Heat pumps often cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars less per year to operate than other pool heaters.

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