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If you’ve never heard of an air conditioner condensate line, you’re not alone. It’s a drain pipe your AC uses to eliminate the water it removes from your indoor air. The line is connected to a drain pan located just beneath the evaporator coil. As moisture is removed from the air by the coil, it collects in the drain pan, travels down the drain line and drips outside near your AC’s outdoor unit. All is well unless the line gets clogged. If that happens, the water has nowhere to go, and

This Is What Can Happen

Drain lines can get stopped up with dust, dirt, algae and other assorted goop, and the drain pan can get contaminated with microbes. If the water is sufficiently backed up, it can overflow into your Clearwater home and form puddles near your indoor AC unit. Overflowing slimy water is bad enough, but when it’s polluted too, it can pose a health hazard for you and your family. There’s more:

  • Ice can form in your air conditioner and in the condensate line.
  • Your cooling system can be damaged.
  • Your drywall can be damaged.
  • The dripping water can come into contact with electrical wires and cause more damage.

Keep the Line Clear With Annual AC Maintenance

Even small amounts of gunk in the line or drain pan can hamper AC efficiency, raise your cooing costs, increase indoor humidity and affect indoor air quality by fostering the growth of microbes that can make you sick. You can easily prevent a clogged drain pipe with annual air conditioning maintenance. If you haven’t tuned up your air conditioner yet, visit Advanced Cooling Systems to get a coupon for $25 off a Clearwater HVAC service visit or call (727) 213-5888 to schedule air conditioning maintenance.

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