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Because HVAC systems are so important in hot and humid Tampa, Florida, lots of HVAC myths circulate throughout the year. Some of these HVAC myths cost you in efficiency and can even cause damage to your system. Altering the thermostat for quicker temperature changes and DIY home zoning are two of the myths we hear most often.

Myth: Lower Your Thermostat for Faster Cooling

Some people come in from a hot, humid day and immediately turn down the thermostat to cool the house faster (or the opposite for heating). That doesn’t work because the HVAC system heats and cools your home at the same rate no matter where the thermostat is set. All you’re doing is asking the HVAC system to stay on longer to hit that desired temperature.

If you want a blast of cold air when you walk in from a hot day, turn on a ceiling fan instead. It’ll blow air across your skin and evaporate the moisture there, naturally cooling your body.

Myth: Zone Your Home by Closing Vents

You’ve probably heard that if you close the vents in certain rooms, you can stop paying to heat or cool those rooms. Closing vents to make DIY temperature zoning is a terrible idea for several reasons. Your HVAC system is sized to heat and cool your entire house. Closing vents changes the airflow and the square footage, which can freeze your coil or stress your blower motor. The faster you wear out these components, the more repairs you’ll have to pay for.

Zoned systems have additional fans, pumps, and thermostats that work together. You can’t replicate that technology by simply closing a vent. If you close a vent for a few hours, your system will probably be fine. It’s doing things like this for a prolonged period that really strain your system.

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