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There are many different smells associated with fall, from bonfires to baked goods. Make sure your Clearwater, Florida, home has the smells you want.

Go for Authentic Aromas

Many of the most popular smells of fall are associated with its warm, spicy baked goods. Instead of channeling these smells through artificially scented candles or wax melts, get them the natural way. Bake your own pumpkin spice goodies for friends and family and your home will enjoy both a delicious scent and the perk of a little extra warmth from your busy oven as temperatures drop.

Are you looking for something less strenuous? Keeping whole coffee beans or cinnamon sticks in a decorative mug will lend a wonderful aroma to the air as well.

Watch Out for Musty Smells

The smell of must and dust carries a certain haunted house association that can make it seem almost appropriate during the Halloween season. Though you may thrill to the chilling atmosphere that Halloween décor brings, make sure you steer clear of the smells and poor indoor air quality that go with it.

Decorations long in storage may bring dust and other allergens into the home with them. Musty smells can also come from persistently damp areas in the house. Keep your HVAC filters clean, be on the lookout for areas that stay damp and you’ll have a fresher fall home.

Keep Things Clean

Whatever your approach to autumn aromas, you’ll find it’s most effective in a clean home. Keep up with your annual HVAC maintenance, schedule duct cleanings as needed, and change your filters at least every three months. These simple tasks will keep your air fresh and breathable so you’re only enjoying pleasant smells.

If you’re looking for smart ways to improve the smells and air quality in your home, contact Advanced Cooling Systems at (727) 213-5888. We’ll help you find the right indoor air quality solutions for fall or every season.

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