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No one looks forward to swimming pool maintenance, but everyone loves swimming and cooling off in the summer. With a weekend of work, you’ll be rewarded with a season of relaxation.

Spring Pool Maintenance

Many homeowners in the Tampa area keep their pools open during the winter, so spring maintenance is minimal. If you keep your pool open, here’s what you need to do to prepare for summer.

  • Top off the water until it reaches the middle of the skimmer. Use a sequestering agent to capture stain-causing metals and minerals that are present in the public water supply around Clearwater.
  • Next, brush the sides of the pool to remove algae. Then, set up your vacuum. Use the pump’s waste setting so that debris is flushed out and won’t clog the filtration medium.
  • Add an algaecide and chemicals to adjust the pH, hardness and chlorine according to the results of your water test.
  • Use a water clarifier if your pool isn’t sparkling clear after running the pump overnight.

Opening a Winterized Pool

If your pool was winterized, you’ll have to take off the cover, open the valves and remove the plugs from the jets and skimmer. If the pipes were drained, you’ll need to connect the heater and prime the pump.

When you turn on the pump, open the air relief valve, and check the pressure. Look for leaks in the pipes or fittings. Have your pool heater serviced at the beginning of the season to make sure that it’s running efficiently.

With pool heat pump installation from Advanced Cooling Systems, you can keep the water at the ideal temperature without wrestling with plastic solar covers. Compared to gas systems, pool heat pumps can save you several hundred dollars annually.

To schedule pool heat pump repairs or to learn more about pool heaters, call Advanced Cooling Systems. We can visit your home to complete maintenance or to give you an estimate based on your pool’s heating requirements.

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