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Keep your Tampa, Florida, home cleaner and your HVAC system performing more efficiently this winter by having your ductwork cleaned. When the HVAC system is running, air is being circulated from the system into your home and back again via the ducting. This circulation process is ongoing, and if the ductwork is not clean, then dirty air is constantly being circulated throughout your home. Here are three reasons why having your ductwork cleaned will increase your HVAC systems efficiency.

Unrestricted Airflow

Dirt, dust, pollutants, and allergens often get trapped in the twists and turns of the ductwork built around your home’s floor plan. This accumulation can restrict the airflow through the system and can cause your system to work harder to deliver the warm or cool air into your home. Clean ductwork allows unrestricted airflow and your system can run efficiently and perform better. In addition, your indoor air quality will be greatly improved keeping you and your family healthier this winter.

Better Performance

When the ductwork is clean and airflow is no longer restricted, your HVAC system can run smoothly without having to work so hard. If the system is not able to push air through easily, the motor will strain to push the conditioned air through. This could put unnecessary wear and tear on the motor, which may eventually result in costly repairs. Clean ductwork will allow the system to work easily and will improve performance. You can save money on repairs and you will see a reduction in energy bills with clean ductwork.


By having the ductwork cleaned, as well as regular maintenance, your HVAC system will use less energy, deliver superior performance, and will help to extend the lifespan of the entire system. Since the HVAC system is a big investment in your home, you want to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Schedule an appointment today with Advanced Cooling Systems to have your ductwork cleaned, or to have your HVAC system maintained. You can reach us at (727) 213-5888.

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