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Your home’s climate plays a surprisingly large role in your sleep comfort. Because Clearwater, Florida, has warm temperatures year round, your climate control system needs may generally stay steady enough that you don’t give much thought to adjusting your HVAC system. However, fine-tuning your climate control can have a significant impact on your sleep quality. Here’s a quick guide to finding your best HVAC settings for a good night’s sleep.


Florida is very humid, and that humidity can easily make its way into your home — especially during the summer months. While high humidity levels may not bother you during the day, they can be uncomfortable at night, leading to issues like difficulty breathing and skin discomfort. A humidity control system can help achieve the perfect level, which ranges between 40 and 50 percent.


Still air can make it difficult to relax and get comfortable. If your Florida home has a bedroom fan, use it regularly to keep the air moving. HVAC systems do provide air circulation, but your bed may not be positioned properly to take advantage of that air movement. If you don’t have a fan or you can’t adjust the vents enough to provide adequate circulation, consider buying a floor fan to help provide extra ventilation and increase comfort.


The proper air temperature is one of the most essential components of a good night’s sleep. Ideally, your room temperature should be around 70. While this could put a strain on your HVAC system during the hot summer months, the combination of lower temperature, correct humidity levels, and proper ventilation can help you sleep comfortably without maxing out electricity bills.

If these suggestions don’t help, Advanced Cooling Systems can adjust your HVAC system to get it where it needs to be and provide you with the best night’s sleep. Call us at (727) 213-5888 to set up a consultation today.

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