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Having a well-functioning climate control system during the hot months in Clearwater, Florida, is important for the comfort of your family. If your HVAC system is blowing hot air instead of cool, that may point to a number of different causes. Here are the three most common reasons why your HVAC is blowing hot air.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant is a chemical used in your HVAC system to cool down the air. Without proper levels of refrigerant, your system will just move air over the coils with no changes in temperature. Refrigerant leaks are usually pretty easy to diagnose. You’ll want to get professional servicing to fix refrigerant leaks. A licensed technician will find the leak and fix it, as well as replenish the refrigerant levels in the unit. This isn’t something you want to try to fix by yourself.

Thermostat Issues

Another common issue behind HVACs blowing hot air is thermostat problems. This can include incorrect settings or bad wiring in the thermostat itself. To start with, make sure that your thermostat is set to cool and not heat. It seems silly, but that is one of the most common solutions when homeowners begin noticing issues with temperature control. Wiring issues are another problem entirely and should be addressed by a professional. Sometimes only a small adjustment is needed, but bigger problems may require a new thermostat.

No Electricity

Finally, no electricity to the external component of your HVAC can lead to your system only producing hot air. If the internal part is still getting power, the fans will run like normal and you should have timed cycles where it clicks on and off. However, without power going to the external portion, there isn’t any temperature change happening. This is common with blown breakers or wiring issues.

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