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If fall puts you in the mood for cleaning, now may be the perfect time to turn your attention to your HVAC system. Just like other machines, certain parts of your HVAC system require regular cleaning in order to operate smoothly. Follow this checklist to help you keep up with HVAC cleaning in your Dunedin, Florida, home.

Filter and Ductwork

Your HVAC system contains a filter through which all of your home’s air passes. Over time, dust and other pollutants accumulate as the filter does its job. While it’s great that this microscopic debris has been removed from the air you’re breathing, it shouldn’t stay on your filter indefinitely. Your system has to work harder to push air through a dirty filter, and that additional strain on your system can lead to higher energy bills, breakdowns, and other problems. To keep everything running smoothly, be sure to clean or change your HVAC filter regularly, about once a month.

Indoor Components

Other indoor components also require regular cleaning, but unlike air filter changes, these tasks aren’t DIY-friendly. You can do your part by scheduling routine maintenance twice a year so that your HVAC technicians can check the evaporator coils, drain line, and other indoor components. They will lubricate moving parts, clean dirty parts, and ensure that everything is in working order.

Our technicians will check your ducts during a maintenance visit, but ductwork needs to be cleaned less frequently than other parts — typically every two to seven years.

Outdoor Unit

An HVAC tuneup will also address any issues with your outdoor unit. They will rinse the coils and cabinet, inspect the fan motor and blades for damage, and clear away any dirt, leaves, and debris.

Although homeowners can easily change their HVAC filter on their own, most HVAC cleaning tasks should be done by a professional — like one of our expert technicians at Advanced Cooling Systems. Give us a call at (727) 213-5888 to schedule your HVAC tuneup or duct cleaning today.

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