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An HVAC warranty is a valuable investment for your Belleair, Florida, home that keeps you safe if your heating or cooling system should fail unexpectedly. However, your warranty won’t simply stay in place by default. You need to follow the proper care and maintenance procedures to make sure you’re covered if you ever need to make a claim against your warranty coverage.

Use Brand-Name Parts for Repairs

Appliance warranties specify that you use the manufacturer’s parts for all replacements and repairs. Though it’s initially cheaper to use an off-brand part, you’ll void your warranty with this choice, which could create a much bigger expense down the road. Our reliable HVAC technicians can help you choose the right part for your warranty, so you’re still covered even after a repair.

Schedule Annual Maintenance Visits

You should schedule annual tuneups for both your air conditioner and heating system. This quick visit improves your energy efficiency, keeps the air clean, and extends the life of your system.

This one simple task will help you keep your HVAC warranty intact for years to come. Neglect your maintenance, however, and you’ll find your warranty null and void. Make sure you schedule a timely visit with us to protect your warranty coverage so your warranty is effective should you need a repair.

Keep a Careful Record

Maintain a thorough record of all repairs and maintenance visits. DIY jobs won’t suffice if you’re trying to protect your warranty. You must work with an experienced and authorized contractor. Keep all your service receipts as well as a copy of your warranty in a safe place so you can refer to it easily when needed. This way, you’ll never struggle to prove that you’re covered and in compliance with the terms of your manufacturer’s warranty.

Always make sure you’re working with a certified team like our professionals at Advanced Cooling Systems, Inc. to keep your warranty in place. If you need a tuneup or service, just give us a call at (727) 213-5888.

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