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Summers in Dunedin, Florida, can get hot and sticky. To beat the heat, you need to make sure your home stays nice and cool all season long. From targeted cooling to flexible placement, find out why a mini-split system is the key to summertime comfort.

Targeted Cooling

At Advanced Cooling Systems, we know that your air conditioner can’t always keep up with your family’s cooling needs. This lack of cool breezes can be a real problem if you’ve recently added onto your home or if one area of your home receives much more sun exposure than the others.

In both of these cases, a mini-split, or ductless cooling system, can save your summer. This system is designed to cool one or several room, as you select,so it can direct conditioned air where you need it most. That means you can make any room an oasis in the summer.

Improved Efficiency

If your utility bills climb higher and higher throughout the summer, your HVAC system could be to blame. An air conditioner that constantly struggles to cool each room of your home probably isn’t running at peak efficiency.

A mini-split system can help boost efficiency by cooling down those problem rooms. That means your HVAC system can stop working as hard, and it can start running efficiently instead. This is a great way to save money while staying cool.

Easy Installation

If you’ve ever had an HVAC system installed or replaced in your home, you know it can be a complicated process that easily takes a couple of days. In contrast, installing a mini-split system takes only a few hours, and our team can place this type of system almost anywhere.

With installation that’s this quick and simple, getting comfortable couldn’t be easier. Our team will place your new cooling system right where you need it, and you can cool down in no time at all.

Ready to stay cool with the ideal mini-split system for your home? Call the cooling experts at Advanced Cooling Systems today: (727) 213-5888.

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