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According to the U.S. Department of Energy, one way you can lower the cost of heating your swimming pool is by installing a high-efficiency heat pump pool heater. The amount you can save over using an electric resistance or gas pool heater will vary depending on such factors as your location, pool temperature and whether or not you use a pool cover. But, regardless of the amount you save, those savings will make what can often prove a significant energy drain a little less of a drain on your bank account.

Heat That’s Pulled Out of Thin Air

Though powered by electricity, a pool heat pump offers a high level of energy efficiency because, unlike its electric resistance or gas counterpart, it doesn’t actually need to generate heat. Instead, it literally draws heat from the outdoor air, moving it to where it’s needed and using it to heat the water inside your swimming pool.

Lower Operating Costs & Longer Life

A well-maintained heat pump pool heater will keep your operating costs low by keeping energy efficiency high. At the same time, it will typically last longer than a gas-powered pool heater. These are two great reasons for making the most of your smart pool heater choice by scheduling regular maintenance for the valuable heating system that helps your family get optimal enjoyment from your swimming pool by keeping its temperature just right.

A Smart Idea in Pool Heater Technology

Heat pump technology is a smart idea for keeping your pool comfortable while saving money. To learn more about the benefits of heat pump pool heating visit our Pool Heat Pumps page. Or call (727) 213-5888 for further information about the services we offer at Advanced Cooling Systems for getting your Clearwater, FL pool heater in and running quickly and keeping it in peak operating condition throughout the season.

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