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Energy expenses are a major consideration for any homeowner. In the hot and humid Tampa, Florida, climate, staying cool and comfortable comes at a price. Learn how your landscaping can lower your energy expenses, and start upgrading your yard to trim your utility bill.

Shade Your Home

Well-placed shade around your home will provide some protection from the harsh Floridian sun and help keep things cooler. Not only do trees protect you from solar heat gain, but they also release a cooling water vapor through a process known as evapotranspiration. This can lower temperatures up to 6 degrees near trees, and as much as 25 degrees in the area directly under the plant.

The best choice for shading your windows are deciduous trees with high crowns that spread. These will offer high-angle protection while allowing some lower winter light through when you want a little warmth during the cooler months of the year.

Cover the Air Conditioner

If your exterior air conditioner is baking in the sun, it’s not operating up to its full potential. Shading the air conditioner can increase efficiency up to 10 percent. Whether you use a plant, fence, or other structure, offering a little coverage in the area will pay off. If you shade the unit with foliage, do make sure to rake away twigs and leaves regularly. Leave about 2 feet of open space around the unit to allow for free airflow.

Channel Breezes Toward Home

Position your trees and shrubbery so that gentle summer breezes have easy access to your home. Don’t block the wind with a strong wall or a wall of bushes. Letting the air flow freely around your home will help lower temperatures naturally. This creates a more comfortable living space both inside your house and out on the porch.

Make sure your air conditioner is prepared to cool your home up to its full potential by giving it as much care as you give your landscaping. Schedule an annual maintenance visit with Advanced Cooling Systems at (727) 213-5888 to get the most efficient operation from your unit.

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