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Creating a comfortable Palm Harbor, Florida, home this spring involves assessing the condition of the air you breathe. The quality of the air in your home goes a long way toward determining your quality of life. Pollen, odors, mold, mildew, and other pollutants can greatly affect those in your household who may suffer from allergies or asthma. Discover how you can ward off springtime allergies by improving ventilation, changing air conditioning filters, and performing HVAC system maintenance.

Boost Ventilation Inside Your Home

In many homes, the only means of cooling, warming, and ventilating is the HVAC system itself. A system of fans — whether they’re tabletop, window, ceiling, or bathroom and kitchen exhaust  fans — should be used year-round to supplement your HVAC system. Fans can circulate cool air on warm spring days and disperse humidity.

Change Your Air Conditioning Filters

If you or your family members have allergies and you’re concerned about indoor air pollution, consider replacing the standard fiberglass filter on your central air conditioning unit with one that removes small particles such as pollen, dust, plant spores, and smoke from the air.

Choose a higher MERV filter but don’t exceed the recommended MERV-rating from your HVAC manufacturer. Dirty coils, the result of low-quality filters, can impede the exchange of air, which can also result in higher energy bills, reduced cooling efficiency, and a shortened life span for your air conditioning system.

Perform HVAC System Maintenance

Before the start of the spring season, have your central air system checked by one of our Advanced Cooling Systems HVAC professionals. A regular HVAC system maintenance check can help keep your system operating at peak efficiency and promoting proper air flow within your home.

At Advanced Cooling Systems, we take care to make sure homeowners like you can breathe clean air inside your homes. Call us at (727) 213-5888 for an indoor air quality assessment

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