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Modern HVAC technology is always innovating and developing AC systems that offer greater convenience, more powerful performance and better energy efficiency than ever before. As the industry moves forward, the new AC models that become available incorporate some truly high-tech features that make upgrading your older system well-worth the investment. Some of the latest features that today’s air conditioning systems offer are discussed below.

Smart Air Conditioning

Air conditioners are getting smarter all the time. Smart AC systems that connect to Wi-Fi via smartphone apps let homeowners control the temperature and humidity of their homes remotely and with ease—even when they are away from home. This is true space-age technology in action, offering unprecedented control. In fact, by this year, Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices were predicted to generate 68 percent of all internet traffic. This, of course, includes much more than smart air conditioners, but it is nevertheless an indicator of the direction in which trends are moving for all the devices that impact our everyday lives.

Communicating Technology

Today’s best AC systems are designed with communicating technology that links together compatible HVAC components that also have this technology, allowing them to be configured and calibrated automatically. This keeps every part of your system working together flawlessly for greater efficiency and superior performance. This intricate technology is another modern innovation that offers real space-age convenience.

Variable Speed Motors

Another technology that brings today’s air conditioning systems into the future is an intricate mechanism that uses variable speed motors to maintain comfort automatically as the outdoor temperature changes. These variable speed systems adjust the speed at which the compressor, outdoor and indoor fans operate in response to changing conditions, keeping the indoor temperature to within a fraction of a degree of the thermostat setting.

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