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Air Conditioning Installation & Repair Service in Clearwater and All Surrounding Cities

You expect cool, fresh air in every room in your house. You notice, however, that your home doesn’t feel quite as comfortable as it should, and some rooms even seem worse than others. If you struggle to keep all the rooms in your home adequately air conditioned, it’s time to call Advanced Cooling Systems. We can:

  • Identify any problem(s) with your thermostat
  • Determine if you are using or programming your thermostat correctly
  • Check for leaky ducts that could be wasting conditioned air
  • Make sure your ductwork and home are properly insulated to prevent heat transfer
  • Check windows, doors and other areas of your home that could have leaks that could be affecting air conditioning efficiency
  • Check the condition of your air conditioner — looking for debris, obstructions or damage that could be affecting performance
  • Perform AC repair to restore your air conditioner
  • Determine if your home could benefit from zoning
  • Provide cooling product options and AC installation services if you are in need of an upgrade

Our team is trained in a wide range of HVAC techniques to properly evaluate your system and correctly diagnose efficiency problems. If your attic is under-insulated, we provide insulation services to correct it. Our years of experience and knowledge of current techniques make us fully qualified to undertake even the most challenging HVAC problems.

Featured Offers

Air Conditioning Repair

You can trust our team for honest diagnoses. We will never try to sell you a service you don’t need. Our goal is to minimize costs to our valued customers. We look for the best and most cost-effective ways to take care of your air conditioning repair needs.

Our technicians are always professional, and we have access to a variety of resources to ensure your air conditioning repair job is completed to your satisfaction. When we make air conditioner repairs, we run complete follow-up checks to ensure the entire system is operating as it should before we leave your property.

Air Conditioning Installation

When it’s time to replace your air conditioner, we can help offset the costs with special rebates and discounts. We will make the cost of your new AC installation worthwhile for years to come by recommending suitable systems for your home and budget. With Advanced Cooling Systems, you can enjoy cooling comfort all summer long without having to sweat over monthly utility bills.

Keeping You Cool for Less

Cooling your home can take a lot out of your pocket. Regular maintenance, emergency repair and monthly energy bills can have you skimping on AC use. There’s no need to sacrifice comfort and health when you work with Advanced Cooling Systems. We will give you the air conditioning efficiency you need and still help you to reduce energy consumption.

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