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Breathe Cleaner Air with Duct Cleaning for Clearwater and Surrounding Cities

Contaminated indoor air is a problem that can present a variety of health and cleanliness challenges. The EPA continues to identify deficient indoor air quality (IAQ) as one of the top five most pressing environmental hazards. If the situation is left unaddressed, poor IAQ can aggravate a number of respiratory conditions, including asthma, allergies, chronic lung disease and COPD.

Complete Duct Cleaning Services

Duct cleaning plays a critical role in keeping your Clearwater, FL home clean and healthy. Today’s buildings are constructed to exacting standards, which often means natural fresh air pathways are eliminated. This allows contaminants and toxins to build up inside the home where they’re recycled every time the HVAC system is running. Older homes are also affected since negative air leaks can draw dirt, dust, fiberglass and other irritants into the ductwork and ultimately into the living area.

At Advanced Cooling Systems, we’ve created a duct cleaning process that removes the grime and toxins that hide inside your duct network. The interior of the system will be cleaned along with critical internal air conditioning and furnace components:

  • Evaporator coil
  • Plenum
  • Blower, housings and motors
  • Air handler
  • Heat exchanger
  • VAV boxes
  • Condensate drain pans and drain lines
  • Grilles and registers
Our technicians use cameras and mirrors to look deep inside your air distribution grid to find areas where built-up dirt and grime have accumulated. After your ductwork and equipment are evaluated, we devise a cleaning strategy to maximize the effectiveness of the process.

Once the preparation phase is completed, a compressed air whip and mechanical brushes are fed into the duct system and used to dislodge stubborn grime and dirt from the interior walls. Beware of duct cleaning companies that rely on consumer-grade equipment.

Our method includes a thorough interior scrubbing along with an industrial-strength vacuum that is safe to use on sheet metal, duct board, and flexible duct. The process helps remove dirt, debris, allergens, hair, dust and other pollutants from the deep recesses of your duct system.

The Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning

Clean ductwork provides a variety of critical benefits:

  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced utility costs
  • Longer equipment life
  • Fresh smell indoors
  • Fewer equipment repairs
  • Eliminates the need for constant cleaning

Your Full Service Duct Cleaning Company

For professional air duct cleaning service in Clearwater and the surrounding areas, call the professionals at Advanced Cooling Systems. Talk to one of our courteous representatives to learn more about the many benefits of regular duct cleaning.

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