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Clearwater Residents Cool Any Room Addition or Garage with a Ductless AC System

If your Clearwater, Tampa or St. Petersburg, FL, household is growing or becoming multi-generational, you probably need more indoor living space. For many people, building a new home is cost prohibitive, so they look for inexpensive ways to convert existing space into a livable area. Cooling and heating a room addition or space conversion often represents the biggest challenge since conventional HVAC equipment is bulky and inflexible. Ductless AC systems provide a zoning solution for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency without the limitations associated with traditional cooling and heating options.

Ductless Applications

TDuctless4XTKOutdoorUnitbeauty1Central air conditioners must be attached to a duct network to deliver the right amount of conditioned air to different rooms in the building. Ductwork is structurally cumbersome and expensive to install. The efficiency of your HVAC system can be seriously degraded if the ductwork isn’t sealed and insulated properly during the installation phase of the project. Window units are an inefficient alternative since they’re noisy and unattractive. Due to its limited capacity, a window unit may not be able to cool a large space.

A ductless mini split system is suitable for a variety of applications that require design flexibility and superior performance.

  • Bonus rooms
  • Room additions
  • Basement build-outs
  • Media rooms
  • Garage conversions
  • Whole house applications
At Advanced Cooling Systems, our technicians are certified and trained to service and install single-zone and multi-zone ductless equipment. Every ductless split system consists of an air handler mounted inside an attractive cabinet that can be hung on a wall or positioned within a ceiling. The outdoor condenser is installed away from the living area to reduce operating noise. Since the ductwork is eliminated, the efficiency of the unit is uncompromised, and the indoor air remains healthy and fresh.

The Benefits of Ductless

When you purchase a ductless mini-split from Advanced Cooling Systems, you’ll experience many benefits when compared to conventional cooling and heating equipment.

  • Simple Installation: Installing a new central HVAC system often involves significant structural modifications, but a ductless mini-split only requires one 3-inch hole cut into an exterior wall. Refrigerant piping and electric lines are easy to mount and connect. Ductless systems have become so popular, parts and accessories are readily available.
  • Incomparable Efficiency: Ductless systems provide the best SEER efficiency ratings in the industry. Inverter technology regulates the output of the compressor, so the unit always matches the indoor cooling load.
  • Efficient Heating: Conventional heat pumps are only appropriate for areas like ours that enjoy mild winter weather. Some ductless heat pumps incorporate technology that provides warm comfort even when the temperature outdoors is below freezing.

Complete Ductless Mini-Split Services

Advanced Cooling Systems is the only source you’ll need for complete ductless mini-split services for your home in Clearwater, Tampa, Palm Harbor, FL or any surrounding area. We invite you to call and speak to one of our comfort specialists to learn more about the many advantages of installing a ductless mini-split or multi-zone cooling and heating system.

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