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Pool Heat Pump Repair & Installation Services for Clearwater & Surrounding Cities

In Clearwater, Tampa and St. Petersburg and surrounding cities in FL, owning a swimming pool is very common, and some people consider it almost a necessity. Pools are used for sports, recreation, relaxation and endless entertainment for the kids. Many pool owners look to extend the swimming season by installing a pool heater, and heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular option since they’re reliable and inexpensive to run.

How a Pool Heat Pump Works

Many homeowners are familiar with how heat pumps operate. In essence, they move heat from one area to another. For pool heat pumps, heat is extracted from the outdoor air and transferred to the water in the pool. The actual process begins when the pool pump circulates water drawn from the pool through a filter into the heater. The condenser transfers the heat collected from the outside air to the pool water through a specially designed heat exchanger.

Pool Heat Pump Efficiency

A pool heat pump installation provides a significant efficiency advantage when compared to other heating methods. Gas pool heaters are usually 80-90 percent efficient, but a heat pump can be 100 percent efficient because it moves heat instead of generating it. In the summer, the amount of heat produced is much greater than the electricity consumed. As a result, monthly operating costs are significantly cheaper than competing products.

Pool heat pump efficiency is measured by the Coefficient of Performance (COP). You should look for a residential model with a value of five or higher. Environmentally-conscious people appreciate the lower emissions and reduced carbon footprint that result from installing a pool heat pump.

Pool Heat Pump Repair and Installation

The performance your heat pump will largely depend on the skill and experience of the installing contractor. At Advanced Cooling Systems, we perform a sizing analysis on every pool to determine the proper heater capacity requirements. Our design will account for a variety of factors, including pool surface area, depth, water temperature, wind exposure, humidity levels and average ambient temperatures.

Once we’re on the job, our mechanics maintain an established schedule, so there will be more days to enjoy your heated pool instead of dealing with the disruption of a construction project.

If your heat pump should develop an issue, we have a full staff of trained technicians ready to quickly identify the problem and complete the appropriate repairs, so you’ll be enjoying your pool again in no time. We carry many common parts on our service vehicles, so most repairs are completed in a single visit. We also provide emergency service for serious situations.

Enjoy Your Pool All Year Round

Extend the swimming season with a quality pool heat pump installed by the professionals at Advanced Cooling Systems. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of heating your pool with a heat pump, call one of our friendly customer care specialists today. They’ll answer all your questions and arrange an appointment at your convenience.

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